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Bruno is smart. It tracks your positions and provides you with the insights you need to increase traffic from organic search.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In simple terms, a rank tracker lets you track how high your website is placed on the results page of the Google search engine. And Bruno does this for every single search query, or keyword, you add.

    If you run a blog about dog food, you would probably want to find out how you rank on the keyword best dog food, right?

    Use the insight gained from a rank tracker to improve your Google rankings.

  • No. No one can see if you are using a rank tracker. Not even Google.

    Rank tracking software is completely legitimate. It is used by almost everyone, from small blogs all the way to huge corporations.

  • Rank trackers play a huge role in improving your SEO. That’s why they are used by almost everyone, from small bloggers to senior SEO professionals.

    Tracking your website’s rank won’t on its own do anything about your SEO situation. Improving SEO is a human task. Understanding how to improve SEO, however, is where rank tracking software enters into the picture.

  • Our API first collects the top 10 websites that rank organically for the keyword on the first page of Google.

    Then, it calculates the ranking score for the first domain and the score for its page ranking for the keyword.

    Once it's done, the domain rank is multiplied by 0,1, and the page rank is multiplied by 0,9. The resulting values are added and then divided by 500.

    ((domain rank * 0.1) + (page rank * 0.9)) / 500

  • Yes! You can track up to 10 keywords entirely for free. Forever. No credit card needed.

    With a free plan, you can track up to 10 keywords and use the site explorer a handful of times per month.

  • If your positions don’t seem to match, you are probably not mistaken. This happens from time to time.

    One common reason for this is that the SERP positions have changed during the last day. Wait until Bruno has updated the keyword rankings and check again.

    It might also be the case that your device or geolocation settings differ from the ones Bruno uses. Switch to desktop settings and make sure the location matches and try again.

    If nothing works and Bruno is still showing inaccurate position numbers, Contact Bruno Support