Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions regulate the relationship between SearchIntent AB (Bruno.ai) and the User (User) of bruno.ai (Service).

1. About the service

The service is provided by bruno.ai and gives the user access to digital marketing software including search engine optimization tools such as a search engine keyword position tracker. Any new feature provided by the service shall be subject to this agreement.

2. Data

Bruno always aims to present the users with as correct data as possible within the service. The data may however vary for technical reasons. A user may never claim any form of compensation for errors in the data presented by the service.

3. Subscription and Payment

The user's total price for the upcoming 30 day period is always billed in advance. We reserve the right to change the available subscriptions, plans and price of the service. When any changes to the subscription or price is due they will apply no earlier than 30 days following notice to the user. The user’s total price is payable by credit card. Bruno uses third party integrations for payments, currently Stripe. Any transaction costs associated with incorrect purchases shall always be paid by the user. A user who is suspended from Bruno may never make any claims to compensation from Bruno.

4. Suspension of Service

If a user abuses the service at any time they may be suspended. This can occur without warning or notice to the user. Regardless of the reason for the suspension, a user may never make any claims to damages or other forms of compensation from Bruno.ai.

5. Service Accessibility

The service requires access to the internet. The service may sometimes be down or unavailable for one or more users. This may be planned or unplanned. Bruno aims to minimize downtime but can never guarantee total accessibility. No form of downtime may be used as the basis for compensation in any form to the user.

6. Communications

All communication relating to the users account will be in electronic form only via the email-address provided during registration. Users have sole responsibility for keeping the provided email address up to date.

7. Privacy Policy

By accepting this agreement, you also agree to our Privacy Policy

8. Term of Agreement

This agreement is valid from the time of its approval and until either party terminates the use of the service. When the agreement is terminated, the user’s access to the service will be suspended. These general terms and conditions may be altered and updated over time and shall be approved by the user for the continued use of the service. The user can terminate the subscription at any time by navigating to the payment settings while logged in to the service. And then chose “cancel subscription”.